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Lenora DeMars, Orange County Home Stylist

I’m Lenora DeMars, Orange County home stylist, and I bring my east coast edge and blend it with west coast casual sensibilities. I adore active, inspired mornings, sunshiny beach afternoons, and mellow evenings with the perfect glass of red wine. Mix it all together and my home interior design style is warm and modern with a bit of edge and a dash of quirkiness. More about me later…

Home Interior Styling

Let’s talk about your home’s interior design style. With family and business pressures you’re this by day, that by night. You love style and excitement, but crave solitude and quiet luxury, too. You’re California cool, but you know when to be intense and vibrant.

Your home interior style should reflect, that, too!

Imagine coming home to a truly inspired interior – one that looks and feels just right for you, your family, and your actual life – not Basic Beach Cottage 101 or Pottery Barn circa 2003.

You want a home where you’re surrounded by cozy semi-custom furnishings and tastefully swank colors. You want to look around, noticing the carefully curated objects dotted around the room – nothing excessive or out of place, just items that evoke your happiest memories and pieces that bring you joy! The blend of character, soul and edge makes this space more than just another Orange County cookie cutter interior – it’s a reflection of you – a real home! And that, my friend, brings you more comfort and satisfaction than any catalog-flavored McMansion ever would.

Lenora DeMars, Orange County Home Stylist
Lenora DeMars, 9ten Design
Orange County Home Stylist

Design Aesthetic

My design aesthetic is uncommon because my background is unlike other designers. After graduating from FIDM with an emphasis in design, I worked as a costumer and stylist for movies, television and music videos. After that, I worked for some of the biggest names in the apparel industry as a fashion designer. From years of practicing that craft, I bring my love of textures, blending patterns and colors, and my keen eye for when to say yes yes YES! to the perfect accessory, and when to say, Oh NO! to going tragically over the top.

Whether your personal style is casual elegance, relaxed rustic, worldwide eclectic, or Hollywood Regency glamorous, I would love to collaborate with you to create your dream home. When we work together, we’ll do more than just pick furniture or look at paint swatches – we’ll curate a collection that reflects your life and your story.

Let’s take the next step to creating your home with MORE CHARACTER, MORE SOUL, MORE EDGE.