Los Alamitos Kitchen and Bathroom Model 5

There was a total of 5 homes that were being built.  My client consisted of 3 partners, husband, wife, and sister.  Joe, Christy, and Cathy joined together to build 5 brand new homes in Los Alamitos, Ca.   They have developed multiple properties in the past and felt a need to get an expert in the field to assist with all of the hard surface selections such as tile, countertop, flooring, paint color, and cabinet material.  They all agreed that they wanted each unit to stand on its own rather than using the same materials for each.  Each of them played a role as partners, it was difficult to add designer to their already busy schedule.  Christy with her busy dental practice, Joe already managing the contractors on site, and Cathy living an hour away and had other priorities to attend to.  They all agreed to a modern style and all materials must come in BUDGET!

After meeting with Joe, Christy, and Cathy I developed a clear vision for each unit.  I imagined each unit and the homes future owners.

Model 5, is another 4 bedroom home but slightly bigger.  For this model, I imagined a young family of 4 possibly 5.  That led a busy life of always on the go.  With the selections made for this house, I kept it simple with Carrera marble backsplash, quartz countertop and mixed in some character using a granite countertop on the island.   With a busy family life, again I chose materials that are easy to clean, maintain and durable.

Los Alamitos Model 5 kitchen island

Los Alamitos Model 5 kitchen

Los Alamitos Model 5 kitchen backsplash Los Alamitos Model 5 bathroom