Modern and Elegant Kitchen and Dining Room Irvine Ca.

After living in rentals his whole adult life.  My client Steven was thrilled to purchase his first home.   This particular home was a new build located in Irvine Ca., he was able to make selections for the kitchen cabinets, counter, and flooring.  Every step of the way he needed to work with the builders to make those selections.  At the time of move in he was exhausted making selections for his new home and the work of moving in.  That he felt when it came to furniture and decor selection he needed help.  Plus with Award season around the corner, he will NO longer have the time to devote to his new home.   He had a demanding job as a cameraman operator for a popular entertainment channel.   He was getting ready to spend long hours shooting the Golden Globes, SAG Awards and Academy Award.  He knew his style and wanted a modern glam look and feel.   But still wanted to capture a comfortable casual feel for his guests.

Knowing how busy he was going to be, I took the pressure off of him to help him create a Modern Glam dining area.   Taking the direction of what colors he liked we kept it earthy and played with neutral colors with some hint’s of gold to exude the glam feel.   With this space, I played with shapes.  The shape of the rug, cabinet door detail and the art above flowed well with one another.  Also adding the modern twist to the dining table and chairs.  This space was a pinch of Glam, Mid Century modern and contemporary.  I completed this from start to finish just in time of the end of his busy season with work.  After the long grueling hours on set, he was able to come home to a relaxing yet glam home.


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