Anaheim Hills Ca., Master Retreat

A couple living in a large 4 bedroom home in Anaheim Hills.  Jane is a pharmacist and Tony owns and runs local hotels located in Orange County.   They lived in the house for over 20 years and made updates at various times throughout the years.   Unfortunately, the updates didn’t include their sanctuary, their master bedroom.  It was a large space and ONLY had the necessities.   A box spring with a mattress on top, one recliner, and a TV stand with a T.V that was purchased from an office supply store.  Jane loves rooms that are pretty and picture perfect.  The energy she felt walking into her existing room felt flat.   She envisioned a relaxing and luxurious Master Retreat to come home to after a long day of work.  One of their rituals every evening before bed was to spend some time together and watch their favorite show “Parenthood”.  They requested for an area to enjoy this time together.

Knowing all of their needs and desires I worked with their existing paint and carpet colors.  I continued with the soothing colors in the room.  I knew I wanted to add some nice textured fabrics that would enhance the luxurious feel of the room.  The custom headboard, swivel chairs, and ottoman had a nice rich texture and feel.   With this, it added depth that would no longer feel flat.  The perfect touch to wrap up the room was the custom Drapery, this added just enough character to make it more personal.

            How each item was procured

  • Custom made pieces:  headboard, swivel chairs, ottoman, and draperies
  • Purchased directly from manufacturers:  bedding, nightstands, bookcase, entertainment center, and side table
  • Décor:  pulled from local retailers and designer trade only showroom

Anaheim Hills Master Bedroom