Once Upon a Time There Was a Mom

White shag rugs are kid and dog magnets

Mom longing for a beautiful homeOnce upon a time there was a mom who LONGED for a beautiful home. However, this is a story of a mother of 2 very rough, tough and DIRTY little boys. When I say dirty I mean DIRRRTY!! Seriously, their knees had caked on dirt on them every day. It’s all about the stylish slide into home plate while playing a mean game of kickball or baseball, right?

The Design Dilemma

This mom was grateful to have active, healthy boys that love sports. The design dilemma she faced was she secretly longed for a WHITE shag rug along with a couple of mid-century Modern inspired leather chairs. She was full of fear that anything white would be destroyed in a matter of days. Plus, she had the ultimately sensible hubby by her side – all these things screamed NO, NO, NO to anything white. Surely she should fill the house with GREY, GREY, and more GREY. Ughh… the anguish she felt about putting more dark colors into her space was downright depressing. READ MORE

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